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Is the degree issued from Taiwan approved?

The education system in Taiwan is recognized all over the world, therefore, the academic degree certificate issued from Taiwan is approved worldwide.

How can we contact the Admissions Office?

For any questions regarding application/admission requirements, please contact the Division of International Exchange of Admissions Office.
Office hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:20am to 4:40pm
Phone: 886-3-4515811 ext.21401 Fax: 886-3-4531300

May I apply for your degree program if my Chinese Language skills do not meet your requirements?

Yes. But you will be required to take Chinese Language classes to improve your Chinese proficiency.

How long will it take you to finish evaluating my application?

After receiving all required documents, the Admission Office will finish the evaluation process and send out the acceptance documents to the qualified applicant within four weeks.

What is the application process?

The qualification procedure for the foreign students is conducted first by the departments or colleges and then reviewed by the school admission committee, and a decision will be made on your application.
No longer than two months, one of 5 possibilities will happen according to the decision made by school admission committee:
1. If the applicant had not submitted all required application documents: You will receive an e-mail to ask for submitting required documents in the limited period.
2. The qualifications of applicant meet our requirements: You will receive a notification letter from us.
3. The applicant does not have all the necessary qualifications: You will receive a conditional offer.
4. You may be invited for an interview: an interview will not be a necessary requirement, unless the International Student Admissions Committee inquired.
5. If it is obvious that the applicant can not meet our requirements: You may be advised that we can not make an offer at this stage.

The future plans after graduation.

There are several choices when students hold Bachelor Degree from Vanung University:
1. Take advanced Master program in Taiwan.
2. Recommended by Vanung University to sister schools around the world for advance program.
3. Have better working chance in home country.

Am I allowed to have a part time job during my study?

Foreign Students are not allowed to work neither full time nor part time, unless the employer got the permission from the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan.(The regulation is regarding to “Employment Service Act”, please see
for further information)