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About us


The Vanung University locates at the vehicle industry cluster around the well-known Zhongli Industrial park. Our school incorporates the competitiveness of vehicle industry improvement  plan by the government into the medium and long-term development goals of the College of Aviation & Engineering.  The Department of Vehicle Engineering is thus established to cultivate students with quality competitiveness of  professional technology, service management and marketing that required by the vehicle industry.
All of our faculty members are capable of professional experience in vehicle, machinery, electronics & electrical engineering, with rich practical expertise in vehicle service repair.


In coordination with economic policies and future industrial development trends of the government, we strive to cultivate outstanding technicians with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and good work ethic. The educational goals of Department of Vehicle Engineering  are:

  1. Cultivating students have vehicle engineering expertise and skills, and build a lifelong learning spirit to enable  maintenance technology and research capabilities.
  2. Cultivating students to seek truth from facts and have a teamwork spirit to develop employment competitiveness effectively.
  3. Cultivating students become professionals on the vehicle service management, marketing and operations, so that one has ability of operation and management in vehicle-related companies.

Future Prospects

The Department of Vehicle Engineering’s planning is aimed at the future development trends of the vehicle industry. These trends are green power, electrification, unmanned, intelligent, and vehicle sharing.  In order to cultivate high-quality professionals who meet these trends in response to the employees needs of the future vehicle industry, we build professional instructional  laboratories. These laboratories are:
Gasoline Engine & License Counseling Lab, Diesel Engine & License Counseling Lab, Vehicle Electrical System & License Counseling Lab, Vehicle Chassis & License Counseling Lab, Motorcycle Repair & License Counseling Lab, Green Power Lab, Electrical and Electronic Lab, Precision Measurement Lab, Multi-axis CNC Machining Practice Factory, CNC Machining Practice Factory, Material Testing Lab, Electromechanical Integration License Counseling Lab.