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About us

about us

Brief Introduction
The Department of Product Design was established in 2012. The educational goal of our Department is to equip students with the knowledge and technical skills in the related industries of creative product. Our vocational oriented courses cultivate students’ skills of 3D digital design and manufacture. Our courses also develop students’ abilities of innovative product design and strategies for future marketing requirements, which enable them to participate in off-campus internships and to find jobs. The Department strives to foster highly qualified artisans and designers in the fields of 3D rapid prototyping and modeling, metalwork, and CNC engraving technique in the product design industries.
The mission of our Department is to foster professional craftsmanship and discipline with graphic proficiency and 3D prototyping and modeling ability. The development objects are:
1.Focusing on the training of creative thinking and basic design competences.
2.To equip students with knowledge and technical skills for product design and management.
3.To enhance students' professional abilities through internship programs and enterprises industry cooperation.
Future Prospects
The Department focuses on the developments of creative product design, 3D rapid prototyping and modeling craftsmanship, which cultivate them the practical product planning, designing, manufacturing, marketing experiences. The development features are:
1.Employ more teachers with Ph.D. degree or senior experienced professional.
2.The techniques of 3D rapid prototyping and modeling, metalwork, CNC engraving, Internet marketing, digital design and manufacture are the major areas of our research and instruction,
3.Product Design Department will continue to cooperate with industrial companies and to provide internship for their requirements.