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About us


We have excellent faculty and equipment. We have received the highest grade on the regular performance evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Our chemical engineering and polymer materials programs have passed the Accreditation of Engineering Programs sponsored by Washington Accord. For many years, we have received large grants of special materials projects from the Ministry of Education.


Our education meets the progress of industry development and societies demand. Developing materials with technical innovation and the product design are two key characteristics of our education. Cultivating design specialists with materials specialty is our education objective.

Future prospects

In addition to the theoretical education, we emphasize professional practice and creation. We continuously improve our facilities and faculty training to promote our faculty and education qualities. We promote the career prospects of our students by providing them with training courses for professional license certification. We strive to have outstanding achievements in the education and research of polymer materials, nano-technology, organic photoelectronic materials, soft electronic materials, green materials, energy materials and high functional materials.