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Curricula & Credits

The Features of Courses:

  1. “Marketing Management”, “Distribution Management” and “Logistics Management” are our core curriculums.
  2. Getting the relative certificates through professional courses is an important approach to prove that we have professional knowledge and capabilities. Importantly, it stirs up learning motivation for students.
  3. We are holding international commercial product exhibitions to thoroughly familiarize students with “International Trade Practices”, and combining theory and practice by arranging visiting professionals to lecture in class.
  4. We emphasize the importance of university and industry liaison system and learning experience in workplaces because the employed market is full of highly competition now.
Working field ethics is necessary and also the basic knowledge for most of students. We ask students to have the concept of professional skills and humanities and arts.

Degree Required credits:

Minimum required credits for graduation are 130, including:
  1. Credits required and elective for general courses are 32
  2. Minimum credits required for major courses are 57
  3. Minimum credits for elective courses are 41

Four years courses