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Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Graduate Institute of Industrial Engineering

About us


The goal of this department is to cultivate students to become qualified technicians with broad vision in engineering and practical skills in precision machinery. To catch up the trend of the world,such as Industrial upgrading and Business Transformation, Smart manufacturing and smart production, and idea of Industry 4.0, this department not only aim to the ability of solving the productivity and technical difficulties of the traditional industry but also the knowledge such as the upgrading of operational efficiency and the application of information technology. The courses are meant to combine both the knowledge-oriented and practice-oriented contents. Students can learn the changes of the industry such as automation of production and the management of information of corporations. According to the policy of industry-academia cooperation, the internships are necessary in this department. Students can work in the companies to gain valuable experiences. Aside from the great opportunity of actual operations, the department will help students with special training to acquire the Technician license, which is crucial to their future career. Our department has passed the university evaluation and acquired the approvals from the Ministry of Education in the past year of 1993, 1997, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2015, and 2019.

The three circles on the badge of the department stand for "idea," “method,” and “skill”, which are important essences in Chinese tradition. Also, they represent the three fundamental qualities of the department’s education tenet: “intelligence”, “efficiency,” and “integration.” The letter “M” refers to Mechanical Engineering and Management; the letter “I” stands for Industrial Engineering and Implementation. the curved “M” symbolizes consolidating the foundation and supporting the “I”; it seems to be the hand of the teacher to cultivate the students so they can thrive and bloom like flowers with the fruit of achievement.