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Department of Business Administration & Graduate School of Business and Management

Curriculum Design


Department of Business Administration |Graduate school of Business and Management

Course Characteristic

The courses of Department of Business Administration are mainly focus on highly demanded, fast-growing service industry. There are two specialized course modules─” Business Planning Management” and ” Service Industry Management” to cultivate service industry management knowledge and skills. Employment courses, industry expert teaching, practical courses, software teaching, certificate counseling, activities are brought together to help students to seek advanced study and employment. The main teaching characteristics of Department of Business Administration are:
1. The integration of seven aspects of management.
2. The integration of theory and practice.
3. The integration of professional skills and certification.
4. Focusing on work attitude and team work spirit.

Advanced Study

There are two graduate schools ─ Graduate School of Business and Management and Graduate School of Information Management in Vanung University. We encourage and help students to enter graduate school for advanced study.

Course Listing

I General Courses
Appreciation and Usage of Chinese Language ( I, II, III, IV VII, VIII), English( I, II ), General Education.

II Common Core Courses
Management, Economics( I, II ), Accounting( I, II ), Statistics( I, II ), Calculus, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Operation Management, Strategic Management , Computer Software Application, Introduction to computer system , Research Project ( I, II ), Management Case Studies, Commercial Law, Enterprise Ethics and Business Etiquette,

III Professional Courses

1. Business Planning Management modules
Business Essentials, Practice of Business Planning, Advertisement Management, Consumer Research, Electronic Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Logistics Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Brand Management, Internet Marketing, Integrated Marketing.

2. Service Industry Management modules
Organization Behavior, Service Management, Retailing Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Store Facility Planning and Design, Entrepreneurial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Public Relations and Media, Consumer Protection Law, Business Communication and Negotiation, Service Training and development, International Enterprises, Employment Relations, Emotion Management,  Industry Analysis.

Undergraduate Program Schedule