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Department of Business Administration & Graduate School of Business and Management



Department of Business Administration |Graduate school of Business and Management

Job Placement

The department fully utilizes the strength of nearby industrial and community resources to keep close relationships and interactions with the firms in the area and enforce industrial-academic cooperative programs and “career program”. The programs provide students with practical internship opportunities, outside campus visits, and practical teaching and speeches. Additionally, double-lecture practical courses and project learning provide students with practical demand and knowledge. These also allow students preparing to enter the job market, promoting social experiences, communication skills and competition abilities and increase job opportunities.
The Office of Research and Development and the “Job Information and consultant zone” counter in the library supply the latest job information to students. The annual job expo, job placement activities and VNUJOB website also provide all time job information and counseling services.

Job Market Internship

With the help of nearby firms, the department provides the students with optional internship courses. The courses are based on “Rules for Job Market Practical Internship”. The firms are screened by the course committee of the department and students ought to sign the internship contract with the firms. Teachers visit the students monthly and students are asked to submit a final report to receive the course credits.
The course design of the department focuses on the theoretical and practical teaching. The department establishes cooperative teaching and internship platform to use the lectures and facilities to improve students’ practical abilities. The Internet resources and firm/school software and hardware enhance real and virtual teaching and achieve interactive teaching. This can also improve the performance of students and use teaching tools and abilities to cultivate knowledge intensive service industry employees.

Alumni Job Feedback

The department establishes Department Alumni Service Committee and helps to hold annual alumni meeting. The department adjusts education goal and course design according to the employment condition of the graduates. Additionally, alumni are invited to give speeches to provide reference for student career planning. These also build the connection between alumni and current students.

Employment Condition of Graduates

The study area of department of Business Administration includes marketing, human resources, finance, strategies, production and information. The job area covers service industry and manufacturing industry. Overall, most of Business Administration department graduates take administrative related jobs, like production, quality control, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, procurement and administrative staffs.