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Department of Business Administration & Graduate School of Business and Management

About us


Department of Business Administration |Graduate school of Business and Management


Founded in 1990, the Department of Business Administration at Vanung University aims to be recognized as the first choice of many business educational institutes in the northern part of Taiwan. The department now has four-year programs for daytime, nighttime as well as holiday classes. The department has made excellent records on the evaluation of the Ministry of Education in student achievement, professional teachers, teaching facility, industry-university cooperation, advanced education and future employment.


Wisdom on management comes from mastery of knowledge. The department uses seven-color birds as a metaphor to integrate management skills. Interdisciplinary is the goal of curriculum planning. Not only emphasizing on the balance of professional and general knowledge, academic study and personality, we also highlight students’ individual and team learning. Students will be cultivated and educated to be professional managers who are capable in all areas.

Future Prospects

The Department of Business Administration adheres to the philosophy of Vanung University: faith, perspective, practical and outstanding. The department consists of strategic management, marketing management, financial management, information management, production & operation management, human resource management and related fields. The objective of curriculum focusing on combining management theory and practice is to educate students with major ability in business administration. We ensure students becoming professional managers. Students graduated from the department are geared with sufficient knowledge and skills for their career.