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Curricula & Credits

Curricula & Credits

The planning of curriculum and the student educational goal are the same, and the course structure adopts a gradual, progressive approach to the core subjects to a variety of professional electives, fully taking into consideration the knowledge of curriculum planning structure level, in line with the needs of teaching and learning, to improve learning efficiency.

Freshman students go through the basic courses and general education courses, and are provided with basic knowledge of management and the cultivation of humanities; sophomore students begin to specialize in the compulsory courses to get the basic professional theories; juniors and seniors are focused on strengthening the abilities of professional practice;

There are six semesters of English required courses from the freshman year to the junior year in order to enhance the students' English proficiency. We actively hire experts from the industry and business fields to assist teachers in the Department, so, aside from obtaining theories from the textbooks, students can improve their practical professional capabilities. With the University’s goal of holistic education and the creation of the general education curriculum, the curriculum is expected to enhance students' cultural literacy. In addition to the compulsory subjects helping students establish knowledge structure, in order to enable students to learn in more systematic ways, the professional curriculum is divided into two expertise module courses: the quality management modules and enterprise resource planning module. In addition, cross-department electives created by the College of Management are offered under the course title of ‘E-commerce’ in order to enhance students' professional competence.

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