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About us


We have excellent faculty and equipment. Our students have been performing well since the department was established two years ago. So far our students have won 29 championships, 11 second places, 5 third places, 2 fourth places, and 35 masterpieces for international competitions. As for national contests, they have won 10 championships, 8 second places, 8 third places, 2 fourth places, and 22 masterpieces.


Our education meets the progress of industry development and social demand. Our objectives are to cultivate students’ aesthetics, hairstyling, cosmetics, scalp physiology and health maintenance expertise so that they can meet the needs of the future job markets.

Future prospects

In addition to the basic theoretical education, we will emphasize professional practice and creation. Also, we will continuously improve our facilities and faculty training to promote our faculty and education qualities so as to promote the career prospects for our students. Besides, we will provide them with training courses for professional license certification to enhance their future competiveness. In brief, we will strive to have outstanding achievements in the education and research of hairstyling and design.