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Curricula & Credits

The Features of Courses

The Features of Courses:
(1) “Customer service management”、”Food & Beverage Service management” and “Accommodation management” are the core of our curriculums.
(2) Getting the relative certificates through professional courses is an important approach to prove that we have professional knowledge and capabilities. Importantly, it stirs up learning motivation for students.
(3) Simulation hotel internship training program. The program is an important part of an individual, because it prepares them for the real world outside
(4) Our academics have integrated theories with practical applications, emphasizing on team working, communication skills, and competitions and activities participation.
(5) We emphasize the importance of simulating operation practice and internship training in the international hotel industries before the graduation.
(6) Working field ethics is necessary and also the basic knowledge for most students. We ask students to have the concept of professional skills and humanities and arts.