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About us


The Department of Hotel Management was founded in 2012 with the mission of professional hospitalities service to work in the international hotel industries. To achieve this mission, the Department provides a professional training environment, which is reflected in strong faculty, comprehensive curriculum, outstanding on-campus teaching facilities and externship programs. Graduates are expected to be well prepared for various career paths, and become capable professionals in the international hotel industry.


2. Education Goals
(1) To provide students a solid theoretical and conceptual academic foundation.
(2) To ensure students to acquire hands-on experience in actual operations.
(3) To familiarize students with actual operations and established practices of the industries.
(4) To help students obtain certificates in the hospitality professions.
(5) To prepare students for advanced studies or for a career in the relevant hotel industries.

Future Prospectes

The vision of the Department of Hotel Management is to be the leading comprehensive college of international hotel industries in Tao-Yuan region and to have a national and international reputation. We will help all the students’ to establish their hotel management skills internationally and to respond to the growing trend of internationalization.