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Department of Business Administration & Graduate School of Business and Management

About us


Department of Business Administration |Graduate school of Business and Management


The Graduate School of Business and Management intends to carry out the spirits of sincerity, creativity, and internationalization to educate students with global vision, independent thinking and problem solving abilities in order to become management professionals. The main characteristic of the Graduate School of Business and Management is to cultivate students with the ability of computerized management in order to meet the needs of the developing trends of specialization and computerization. The Graduate School of Business and Management is based on the foundation of professional management education and aims to apply the campus network system as a tool for strengthening the ability of information management. With a view to achieving the educational objective of training management talents, we put our emphasis of curriculum plan on group courses. In 2006, the Graduate School of Business and Management was awarded with Performance of the First Grade in the evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. It was the only private technological college that ever received the honor in northern Taiwan.


Owing to the trend of industrial development: professionalization and informationization, we emphasize on cultivating students’ ability of operating and managing electronic commerce. Courses focus on digitizing operation. According to this concept, based on professional managing education while utilizing computer network system, we improve students’ ability of managing information system. At the same time, operation management related courses and training are provided to gear students with profession, innovation and globalization and eventually to achieve the educational goals.

Future Prospects

The department will devote to the activities as follows:
‧Through international exchange programs and extending to foreign countries, students of the department have the global view.
‧The department will contribute to provide company training and consulting services especially for small- and medium-sized business in local area.
Focusing on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, assist students in developing the ability of critical thinking, analyzing and also provide directions of career.