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About us


We have excellent faculty and equipment. We connect with international fashion trend and emphasize practice training. Students in the second semester of the fourth-year will have full-time career practice outside the school. We encourage students to attend various competitions inside and outside the school. Fashion, art and innovation are our foundation, motive force and guidance respectively. We cultivate talented graduates with the ability of fashion design and creation based on aesthetics.


Cultivate management experts of the fashion industries with characters of aesthetics, fashionable styling, overall styling, bridal styling, actor styling, professional image design, international sight.
●Cultivate media & materials experts of the fashion styling design. The medium & materials include costumes, bags, metalworking, accessories and jewelry.
●Cultivate the related experts of fashion styling design. The related fields are make-up, hair-dressing, eyelash-dressing, mani-pedi, semipermanent make-up, bridal secretaries, scalp consultant and regimen.

Future prospects

 In addition to the basic theoretical education, we emphasize the professional practice and creation. Also, we continuously improve our facilities and faculty training to promote our faculty and education qualities so as to promote the career prospects for our students. Besides, we provide them with training courses for professional license certification to enhance their future competiveness. In brief, we will strive to have outstanding achievements in the education and research of fashion styling and design.