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About us


A Brief History

Established in 2001, the Department of Finance offered the first academic programs developed among Technological Institutes in Taoyuan, Taiwan to offer an undergraduate degree program to students intending to pursue careers in finance.


The degree program provides students with rigorous theoretical and practical training in finance. The mission of the program is to prepare students to meet competitive challenges in the business world. The objectives of the program are to train students to expand their integration of financial systems and to establish their financial professions.

Future Prospects

Research and Development
We aim to make Vanung University a leading research and educational institution focused on advancing the practice of finance. We also aim to be preeminent in understanding and teaching students how financial managers and firms make value-creating decisions, and how institutions, financial markets, and instruments evolve as part of this process.
Our strategy is to assemble and nurture a faculty working well together and whose members’ interests and skills are complementary to one another. Furthermore, a number of objectives are central to the future development of the Department. These include the following:
  1. To produce a broad range of finance-related research results to be published in to-tier academic and practitioner journals that address issues of present and future importance to financial managers;
  2. To develop relevant, yet intellectually-rigorous, Master and executive education courses;
  3. To cultivate future academics through the Business Economics Doctoral Program.
Our focus on and access to business organization are major advantages, which are reinforced by our students and our approach. We have a faculty with broad expertise, and we have resources, field contacts, and institutional support. These positive aspects mean researchers can have leverage to do richer work and to be more productive than they would elsewhere.