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We currently have 25 faculty members with professional and academic backgrounds. They specialize in Chinese Culinary, Cocktail Mixing, Bakery, Teaching English as a Second Language, Financial Management, and MIS, respectively.
The Department of Food and Beverage Management will recruit more assistant professors specialize in relevant areas in the upcoming academic years. We also invite professionals in the food and beverage industry to deliver speeches for our students in order to enhance their vocational skills.
Main faculty members:
name Title Contact number
 LIAO,CHENG-WEN Associate Professor  and  department chair 83602
 Chang ,Chih-Jung Assistant Professor 84601
 Yang,Wen-Wei Instructor 84602
 Wang ,Yu-Chi Assistant Professor 84603
 CHANG,CHIUNG-CHIAO Associate Professor 84605
 WU,HSI-HUI Associate Professor 84606
 Pang,Jen Chieh Assistant Professor 84607
 WEN,PO-CHUN Associate Professor 86665
 CHEN,MING-LI Technical Lecturer 84612
 LIAO,HUNG-CHI Lecturer 84610
YANG,KUANG-HSUAN Professor 84609
CHEN,SU-HUA Lecturer 46006
CHANG,CHIH-HSIEN  Technical Lecturer 84608
CHENG,CHIEN-LIN  Technical Lecturer 84611
 HSU,CHIU-MEI Assistant Professor 46025
 HUANG,LI-HUA Lecturer 46002
HSU,HSU-TING Lecturer 47004
 TUAN,CHIH-HE Lecturer 22601
 TSAI,CHIN-HSING Lecturer 73603
 LAI,CHENG-HUNG Project Lecturer 66608
LIN,I-HSIANG Project  Technical Lecturer
 LI,SHAO-NAN Project  Technical Lecturer 83665
LO,YU-JUNG Project  Technical Lecturer
 LIN,CHIN-YUAN Project  Technical Lecturer
 HU,HSIU-HUA Project  Technical Lecturer
HSUEH,YU-HUA Department Advisor 84000
CHENG,CHIN-YIN Department Advisor 84003