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About us


-Department of Food and Beverage Management-
Collaborating with the policy of Ministry Education “Diversifying vocational education” vs. “Developing adequate professionals for management of food and beverage for strengthening tourism industry in Taiwan”, the department of Food and Beverage Management was established in 2009. The education goal of this department is to equip students with the adequate knowledge and skills needed in the food and beverage related industries.
The courses are vocational oriented, offering students chances to interact with professionals in the workplaces. Academic courses such as financial management, human resources management, MIS, English and Japanese for hotels and restaurants are also provided. With the excellent facilities for examinations of Chinese Culinary, Bakery, Cocktail Mixing, and Hospitality Service Skills along with complete course training, Food and Beverage Management Department of VNU is one of the most prominent departments of hospitality education in northern Taiwan.


Due to the increasing demand in service section in Taiwan, the teaching objective of Department of Food and Beverage Management is to nurture professionals with good attitude and ability in the food and beverage industry. In order to the reach this goal, we offer students not only classroom instructions but also training through practical laboratory experiences. In addition, job practicum opportunities in the food and beverage industry are also provided.

Future Prospects

The department of food and beverage management continues to be proud of our professional faculties, facilities, and curriculum. More professional faculties will be recruited for the increasing number of students in the upcoming years. The teaching goal will still focus on training our students to be prospective professionals in the related industries.

Our students continuously have excellent performances in off-campus competitions. The recent outstanding performances are as follows:
1. 2016 KICC Korea International Cooking Competition Gold Award Award
2. The best-style cake decorating at 2013 Mother's Day Cake Competition
3. The third winning plave at Lunch Box Preparation Competition
4. The "Stunning Performance"prize at the fifth Vegetarian Bread Competition"
5. The "Stunning Performance"prize at Happy Dessert Competition
6. A student is elected as the National  College Excellent Student