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About us


The department of Environmental Engineering (E.E.)of Vanung University was set up in August, 1988. It was the first department of E.E., set up in the junior colleges in Taiwan. At first, the goal of the EE Dept. was to foster the basic technicians equipped with applied scientific background for the society, and the students were recruited from the Joint Examination of the two-year junior colleges. With the upgrading of our College from a two-year junior college into a four-year college in 1999, the EE Dept. was upgraded at the same time. Now we have students for the four-year University. There are eight classes in the daytime and four classes in the evening hours; that is, there are twelve classes altogether.

Program objectives

The environmental engineering program is designed for the purpose that after graduation , our students will

  1.  Possess the knowledge of fundamentals in the environmental engineering to solve the practical operations and analysis problems.
  2.  Have the ability to integrate knowledge of a variety of courses to find the solutions of problems.
  3.  Learn a variety of practical skills in analysis and pollution control of wastewater, air pollution, solid waste, air quality, soil pollution, industrial safety, etc.
  4. Offer the intensive courses to enhance the passing rate of the examination of any governmental licenses in the field of environmental engineering.
  5. Have the positive and moral attitude toward the future career.

Future development

The department of E.E. is closely connected to the human life. Since the main target of the EE technicians is to create a better living environment for the human beings, our department will do its best to upgrade the teaching instructions, research equipments, and the learning environment for the students so that they can obtain excellent training and become the outstanding professional E.E. engineers after graduation.