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Department of Commercial Design

The education mission of the Department of Commercial Design is to train professionals with commercial design and marketing competencies, and up-to-date multimedia proficiency. The curriculum focuses on the training of basic design and creative thinking, the integration of visual communication and product design. The department also strives to enhance students' professional abilities through cooperative programs with industries, in order to meet the needs of social development.

Department of Cosmetic Science

The Department of Cosmetic Science was established in 2000. The objectives of this department are to equip students with expertise in cosmetics and management of beauty business at a professional level. The core curriculums are research and development of biotechnological products, make up and beauty design, and medical cosmetic science, together with the knowledge of body and health care. The department provides students with theoretical lecture and a hands-on laboratory experience to work in the cosmetics industry.

Department of Product Design

The department of Industrial Design offers trainings adapted to recent developments in the design discipline, which combines expertise, insight and methodologies from both design and engineering sciences. We extensively cooperate with industry, ensuring societally and industrially relevant design projects in most of our courses. We train our students in knowledge, experience and development of their personality as designers, in order to develop products, services and systems that are engaging, useful, sustainable, and distinctive on the market.

Department of Hair Styling and Design

The Department of Hair Styling and Design aims to train hair stylists with advanced skills of haircutting, hairstyling and hair setting techniques. Our instructors are creative professionals working in the industry today and experienced educators, who teach the art, science and business of hair. Students will be equipped with the knowledge of various and changing technologies, applications, and procedures to the hair styling industry, and keep up with the latest fashion trend.