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About Us

History and Current Status

“Cultural Creative Industry” in “Challenging 2008: Features of National Development” promoted by the government, and “the Flagship Project in Excelling Design in Taiwan (DIT)” pushed by the Ministry of Economy have been mainly emphasizing the upgrading of innovation and design abilities of Taiwan. It requires high-caliber designers with creativity and integration ability to keep with the rapid development of service industry in the areas of design and cultural activity. Located in Great Taoyuan Area, where design and cosmetics industries have been booming, our school, with the mission to upgrade commercial design, product design, cosmetics industry and facial beautification, hair styling, and multi-faceted cultural creativity talents, founded College of Design in 2013. The College is composed of the Department of Commercial Design, the Department of Product Design, the Department of Cosmetic Science, and the Department of Hair Styling and Design. We aim to cultivate students to be professional talents with both skills and virtues; besides, theory and practice are equally emphasized in the curriculum, which will lead to the goals of professionalization, industrialization, internationalization, and modularized certification.


1.The Department of Commercial Design trains professionals with commercial design and marketing competencies, and up-to-date multimedia proficiency.
2.The Department of Cosmetic Science aims to equip students with expertise in R&D of biotechnological products, make up and beauty design, and medical cosmetic science.
3.The department of Industrial Design offers a variety of trainings which combine expertise, insight and methodologies from both design and engineering sciences.
4.The Department of Hair Styling and Design aims to train hair stylists with advanced skills of haircutting, hairstyling and hair setting techniques.

Department and Educational System

1. The Department of Cosmetic Science offers four-year (day and evening divisions)   programs, two-year extension program, two-year junior program, and four-year on-the-job training program.
2. The Department of Commercial Design offers four-year programs (day and evening   divisions).
3. The Department of Hair Styling and Design offers a four-year program.
4. The Department of Product Design offers a four-year program.

College’s long-term research directions

1. To upgrade teachers' innovative teaching skills, and develop courses for special purpose.
2. To intensify student's professional foundation.
3. To offer courses for certificates, and boost students' competitive edge in job markets.
4. To cultivate talents for aromatherapy.
5. To cultivate service talents for the e-generation.
6. To create specialized sets of courses for facial beautification and body care and modeling design.