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Tourism and Hospitality Research Center

Objectives of Establishment

1. Research: To develop industry-academia cooperation and exchanges and educational research and development-related affairs in the field of tourism and hospitality, to hold international tourism and hospitality-related academic exchange activities, and to improve teachers’ R&D energy and students’ international perspectives.
2. Education: To promote the professional research and educational training issues of tourism and hospitality, to strengthen the educational knowledge and skills of tourism and hospitality, to aggressively guide students in engaging in industrial internships in relevant fields, and to use professional license obtainment consultation and examinations to improve students’ future workplace competitiveness.

Orientation of the Center

The orientation of the center is to develop tourism and hospitality-related industry-academia cooperation and educational R&D, to aggressively investigate the latest academic knowledge and industrial context in the field of tourism and hospitality, and to specifically plan effective teaching models, R&D issues and academic exchange activities, so as to further strengthen the occupational development of teachers and students in the College of Tourism and Hospitality.

Missions and Responsibilities

Director of the Center: Organize, coordinate and integrate the members of various sections of the center and implement the developmental guidelines and objectives of the College and University.
Missions of Various Sections: Set up various projects and assist in the implementation and development of work of various sections of the center. According to the developmental focuses, the center is divided into 4 sections:
1.    Industry-academia R&D Section: Use industry-government-academia exchanges to aggressively assess, consult and analyze the feasibility of industry-academia projects in relevant fields and specifically assist the College and R&D Center in promoting and implementing various professional projects, in order to achieve the expected effectiveness.
2.    Teaching and Research Section: Set up various planning models according to the teaching methods of common courses in the college, follow the promoted models to fully complete the compilation of teaching materials and implement the teaching of courses, and implement the exchanges of teaching improvement and discussion.
3.    License and Internship Section: Integrate the professional license examinations and trainings promoted by various departments in the college, encourage students to participate in certification examinations to obtain qualification, implement a national certification system, cooperate with internship institutions in relevant fields of the industry according to the curriculum planning of various departments, assist students in planning operating procedures of internship courses, and cultivate professional skills to achieve the objective of studying for the purpose of application.
4.    International Exchange Section: Responsible for the contact of international exchanges and cooperation, as well as the coordination and implementation of receptions for foreign VIPs, in order to achieve the objective of international exchanges.