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Brief Introduction to Each Department

• Department of Tourism and Leisure Management
     The educational goals of the Tourism and Leisure Management Department are to develop international and professional talents and cultivate management talents with professional literacy for international tourism and leisure-related industries. The department aims to explore tourism knowledge, high-quality leisure life and the development of innovative hospitality. The department hopes to expand students’ knowledge in the field of tourism and leisure, elevate their taste and create good quality of life through tourism and leisure, and cultivate them into talents with both theoretical and practical abilities. The self-expectation of the department is to act as the pioneer of tourism and leisure industry innovation, as well as develop students’ independent thinking and problem-solving abilities.
• Department of Food and Beverage Management
     The Department of Food and Beverage Management puts emphasis on training, license obtainment and integration of training with employment, in order to fulfill the objective of integration of theories with practices and “be employed after graduation.” Moreover, with its excellent faculties and complete software and hardware equipment, the department cooperates with the Ministry of Education’s Project of Improving Diversification and Refinement of Technical and Vocational Education to aggressively use local resources as developmental sources and combine them with innovative and integrated strategies in the development of industry-academia cooperation and academic exchange channels. The department also intends to use system planning and supporting integration technology to improve the professionalism of graduates engaging in the hospitality industry and aims to cultivate technology and management talents with professional literacy in the hospitality industry based on the educational objectives of internationalization and professionalization.
• Department of Hotel Management
     The teaching and cultivation objective of the Department of Hotel Management is to cultivate the skills of hotel service and professional management as well as middle-level and high-level management talents. The main educational goal of the department is to promote the internationalization of professional education and put emphasis on both theories and practices to cultivate talents in the international tourism and hospitality fields. Moreover, the department intends to aggressively integrate regional and international tourism and hospitality resources to facilitate cooperation among industries, government and academia, as well as develop academic exchange channels using innovative and integrated strategies. The department also intends to use professional facilities and equipment to combine system planning with supporting integration technology to elevate the professional talents in the tourism and hospitality industry. Based on the said reasons, the university formally established the Department of Hotel Management in the College of Tourism and Design during the 2012 academic year in order to achieve the objective of improving teaching services.
• Department of Airline and Transport Service Management
     The university established the Department of Airline and Transport Service Management in order to meet the needs of airline companies and cultivate basic-level service personnel and management talents in ground service (transportation services, ticketing, reservations and dispatch). Moreover, the department also intends to cultivate basic-level service personnel for the most representative land transport service in Taiwan – the High Speed Rail, in order to assist students in developing professional competences and diversified international perspectives.

Department of Business Administration
    Founded in 1990, the Department of Business Administration at Vanung University aims to be recognized as the first choice of many business educational institutes in the northern part of Taiwan. The department has made excellent records on the evaluation of the Ministry of Education in student achievement, professional teachers, teaching facility, industry-university cooperation, advanced education and future employment.  The department uses seven-color birds as a metaphor to integrate management skills. Interdisciplinary is the goal of curriculum planning. Not only emphasizing on the balance of professional and general knowledge, academic study and personality, we also highlight students’ individual and team learning. Students will be cultivated and educated to be professional managers who are capable in all areas. The department consists of strategic management, marketing management, financial management, information management, production & operation management, human resource management and related fields. The objective of curriculum focusing on combining management theory and practice is to educate students with major ability in business administration.
• Department of Information Management
    The department, founded in 1991, was named computer data processing . The department was renamed as information management in 1994. The bachelor's degree began in 1999. The master's degree began in 2006.The department has state-of-the-art instructional computer facilities, consisting of 3 computer classrooms, 7 special laboratories, and 2 professional classrooms. The information management provides students with skills of both the managerial and information technical issues. That is also the objective of our department. Therefore, we are dedicated to the development of industrial electronization, mobile commerce, and multimedia application, to train the excellent persons for the jobs.

• Department of Marketing and Logistics
    The department formerly known as the Department of International Business, In response to industry professionals for domestic marketing and circulation, as well as regional circulation industry development needs, Marketing and Logistic Management Department named was changed in August 2011. The objectives of this departments include: 1. To provide students with diverse curriculum tracks - marketing, chain store services, and logistics. 2. To offer opportunities for students to integrate theories with practical applications on the activity of Merchandise Exhibition. 3. To increase and solid students’ competiveness through internship and Industry-University cooperation.