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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering & Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science

Curricula & Credits

Course Design

The professional courses are categorized as follows:

1. Computer network courses:
Internet Principles and Applications, Information Network Engineering, Advanced Routing and Switching Technologies, Remote Network Access, Network Performance Analysis, Network Server Administration, Information and Network Security, Wireless Networks, Internet Quality of Service and New Generation Internet Protocol.

2. Firmware and hardware courses:
Digital Logic and Digital Systems, Hardware Description Languages, FPGA Design Practice, Micro-processor and Single-chip System Applications, Computer Organizations and Architectures, Embedded System, Application of Embedded System, J2ME Programming in Mobile Devices, and Introductions to VLSI.

3. Software related courses:
Programming Languages (including C++, Java and C#), Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Systems, Network Programming, Operating Systems, System Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Software Engineering, E-commerce Technologies, Image Processing, Computer Multi-media (including Graphics, Animation, Music and Streaming), Computer Games and Artificial Intelligence.