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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering & Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

About Us


In accordance with the mid-term and long-term developments of Vanung University and our nation's needs for industrial professionals, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering was established in 2001. Major research and teaching areas of the department include communication network, embedded system, information security, and software and digital content. The department has set up professional labs and research rooms to satisfy the needs for both theory and practice. To meet the need of industry, the department aims to develop specialized knowledge and to cultivate specialists in computer science and information engineering. The department has two classes of undergraduates now and recruits two classes of undergraduates for the School of Continuing Education founded in 2002. In 2003, the department became one of the members of the College of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, which will have graduate program in 2011. The department has three classes of undergraduates since 2012.


The main objective of our department is to equip students with equal emphasis on theory and practice of computer science and information engineering, especially in areas of communication network, embedded system, and software and digital content. To improve educational quality, the department began the IEET accreditation process in 2006 and received the accreditation certificate in 2007. In addition, the department has many professional professors who hold related certificates to instruct theoretic courses along with excellent practicing environment to help the students get international professional certificates such as Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, ITE (Information Technology Expert), etc.

Future Prospectives

1. Enhance both teaching and research qualities by involving the graduate program established by the College of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.
2. Continuously conduct the IEET accreditation to afford the opportunity for improvement of institutions and educational programs.
3. Employ more teachers with Ph.D. degree from Dept. or senior experienced professionals.
4. Set up more labs including Mobile Communication 1ab, Ubiquitous Computing and Humanity lab, and Cloud Computing lab.