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About us


To meet the plural trends, increasingly raised GNP and raised income along with the improvement of Taiwan economic conditions, people put increasing emphasis on the upgrade of life quality. Beauty related enterprises have prosperously developed accordingly. Cosmetics has been continuingly invented and diversified in the past years following the development of the new technology. In 2000, the Department of Cosmetic Science was founded on Vannung University. At the beginning, a two year wnder graduate course was established.
Then, the two year course was established in 2004.The full-occupation undergraduate course was established in 2005. A Four-year undergraduate course in night school was established in 2008.
Two groups, the applied cosmetic group and beauty styling group were established in 2010.
Then an, addition beauty hair group was established in 2012. A graduate program will be established in 2013.


The goals of this department will be constructed on the foundation of humanity social science. Our faculty combines many specialties, including cosmetic, biotechnology, art, beauty -skills, styling design, etc.
This curriculum will train students both with professionally scientific and artistical ability.
1. To study, practice, manufacture and analysis the bio-cosmetic knowledge ability.
2. Training students to have beauty-nursing skills, beauty-health and skin-care knowledge.
3. Teaching and training of make-up, hair-setting, styling-design skills.

Future Prospects

Department of Cosmetic Science has been established for 14 years. All of the course programs are full from two years program to graduate.
In the professional skills. Three skills are complete, induding cosmetics manufacture and analysis, beauty nursing and beauty health knowledge, and make-up, hair-setting and styling-design skills. In the future, we will develop the anesthetic medicine.