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Department of Interior Design and Civil Engineering
Graduate Institute of Department of Interior Design and Civil Engineering

About us


    The Department of Civil Engineering(C.E.) of Vanung University was established in 1972. At the beginning, it was a two-year junior college. With the upgrading of our college from a two-year junior college into a four-year college in 1999, the C.E. Dept. was upgraded at the same time. Later, to create more professional civil engineers and real estate management and business talents, the graduate school of the C.E. Dept. was set up in 2001.
     Over sixty percents of our staff get doctor's degrees. The specialties of our staff include structure, engineering management, geotechnical engineering, water resources, material science, GIS, internal design, real estate management, and Feng shui. In addition, all our staff have extensive practical experiences and professional licenses. We also hire many experts in the related fields as part-time teachers to enhance the practical experiences of our students.


Department of Civil engineering is the first combine to create the relevant expertise in the construction industry and real estate management, investment brokers, etc. The educational goals of the Department is "Employment-oriented, cultivate outstanding professionals both construction and real estate management capabilities students.”
Future Prospective

Furture Prospects

Our department offers the students the overall maps of careers, certificates, and curriculum learning in order that after graduating from the school, they can move toward the multi-employment development plans of construction engineering control, the drawings of expertise computers, urban renewal, spatial planning , real estate development, and investment and marketing,. Thus, our students can have multi- chances of employment after they graduate from the school.