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Course Design

Design Basics

2D & 3D Construction, Computer-Aided Design, Drawing ,Typography Design, Graphic Drawing, Survey of Design, History of Design , Design Rendering Techniques and Color Theory. Curriculum direction: to reconfirm students' basic ability of forming and exploration of subject creation.

Design Theory & Concept

Intro. to Commercial Design, Intro. to Marketing Management, Design Methodology and Creative Thinking, Design Planning, Color Plan, Multimedia Plan, Psychology of Visual Art, Special Design Topic and Design Law. Curriculum direction: to build up students' related knowledge, theory, and structure of design methodology.

Design Apply

Visual Art Communication, Computer Animation, Computer Multimedia, Advertising Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, 2D Digital Image , Digital Illustration, Advertising Design, Advertising Film Design, Digital Editing & Effect, Commercial Photography, and Display Design. Curriculum direction: to equip students with functions, characteristics, and full performance of a variety of multimedia.

Project Design

Curriculum direction: to help students figure out the modern and practical trend in designing field and then create a forming language, understandable and adoptable in media and the living to fulfill the value of commercial design in communication, delivery and transaction.