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About Us

Brief Introduction

The Commercial Design department, preceded by the Department of Industrial Design, was founded in 1996. After its upgrade in the year of 2000, it began to recruit two-year technical college students .The Department started four-year programs from the year 2002,the Art Center also founded in2002 . The Department of the School of Continuing Education started to recruit students for the 4-year program since 2003. In 2009, the Department is separated into Digital-media Design division and Commercial Design division . We believe the Department has a promising future.


The mission of the department is to prepare excellent design professionals with multiple forming ability and up-to-date computer multimedia proficiency.
  1. Focus on the training of basic design and the development of creative thinking.
  2. To emphasize on the integration of theory and practical training of multimedia, visual communication, and product design.
  3. To enhance students' professional abilities through cooperative programs with industries and meet the needs of social development.


  1. The Department will build cooperative relationships with industries and translate research and development and teaching into practice.
  2. By upgrading the related hardware and software, the Department encourages the teaching faculty to do researches actively.
  3. The Department has been efficiently upgrading the design oriented computer hardware and software in order to catch up with the fast changing demands of the industries.
  4. To go with the government policy of life-long learning, the department offers evening and weekend classes for those who like to obtain their in-service training.
  5. The department actively guides and helps students to take certification tests for second class technicians, include IC3 and ACA international certification.
  6. The department actively improves and maintains the efficiency of the electronic administration system.
  7. On and off campus seminars and exhibitions will be held regularly in order to create publicity.