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College of Aviation and Engineering

About us



 1. An Introduction to the College of Aviation and Engineering:
Our college includes six departments that offer undergraduate programs, and three of them also offer graduate programs. Those departments are as follows: 1) Aeronautical and Opto-Mechatronic Engineering (for undergraduate students), 2) Civil Engineering (for both undergraduate and graduate students), 3) Environmental Engineering (for undergraduate and graduate students), 4) Computer Science and Information Engineering (for undergraduate students, and also graduate students in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science), 5) Digital Multimedia Technology (for undergraduate students), and 6) Industrial Management (for undergraduate students).      
In order to meet our school’s goal of becoming an aviation university, our departments signed letters of intent with various industries so that we may cultivate professional and technical talents in the fields of aviation maintenance, aviation precision manufacturing technology, ICT smart homes, interior design, the development of green ecology, the integration of information and communication technologies, and logistic productivity 4.0.
Each department of our college provides a practice-based learning environment supplemented by theories, where “learning by doing” is one of the primary teaching methods. Student internships and special projects engaged in industries are highly emphasized. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in international competitions in the areas of their professions, and are also properly facilitated to pass certificate exams in order to obtain professional licenses.

To help students obtain professional license and certification by providing
Combination of academic profession, research unit and industry
Collaboration of school and country development.

3. Departments
◎Department of Electronic Engineering
Match up government’s instructions on crucial technology developments,thereby cultivate electronic engineering professionals who possess capacities of innovation inspiration and problem-solving to meet the requirements of related industrial technology enhancement and nationwide economic development
Feature of Education is to pursue the certification by IEET and global acknowledged academic background with incessant enhancement of educational quality.
In accordance to the variation of electronic industry related markets, new technology is introduced and Hi-Tech Labs also are built for the cause of improving the competitiveness of students. Besides, several counseling practice courses with qualified examination setups equipment will provide them the necessary competitive edge of winning various levels of related licenses.(…more)
◎Department of Information Engineering
The development and application of wireless communication technology in the world has become a trend, and quickly flourish. The era of multimedia communications services seems to have also declared in advance of it coming. With the era of multimedia communications, broad-bandwidth communication system and Internet technology have become a priority to the development of the advanced national industrial focus. To respond to this trend, target of the Department will integrate the computer, communication, electronic, multimedia and other related teaching resources and R & D manpower. With the school focusing on the development of computer communications technology, the network and multimedia applications programs is set up to nurture the talents of independent thinking and innovation capability. (…more)
◎Department of Electro-Optical Engineering
The photovoltaic technology has drawn attention from the world and is considered a major development to strengthen economy base of a country. To cope with the trend of global communication industry, the technology in Voice Communication, Data and Display of Multimedia Video Digital Information are two very important techniques for the next Internet Revolution.  Broadband Optical Communication Network is the key to it.  The promotion of the technology will bring a series of optical peripheral products which can gain a considerable economic benefits and market opportunities.
In Electro-optical industry, Testing, Research, and Development of Optical Communication require a lot of training to have competence to conduct.  Therefore, the department wishes to foster the basis of photo-electric experiment training and learning environment by cooperating with industry through internship as to integrate the resources between department and industry. (…more)
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The Department of Materials Science and Engineering provides knowledge about materials technology. The principal areas of research and teaching in the department are polymer science and technology, functional materials, and organic photoelectric materials. (…more)
Department of Civil Engineering
In accordance with industrial development, the department cultivates specialists in the fields of computing, architectural landscaping, supervision, and management. (…more)
Department of Environmental Engineering
The Department of Environmental Engineering was created with an overview to prepare fundamental technicians and scientists with an applied scientific background for society. After training, students will be qualified for jobs in the environmental engineering field. Such employment may involve investigations, measurement, analysis, design, supervision and the implementation of solutions. (…more)
◎Department of Biotechnology
The Department emphasizes the application of techniques associated with biotechnology. Hence, the Department provides the theories of sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Microbiology. The applied science courses provide students with technical training in Biomedical and Herb products, Nanometer applications for healthy food, DNA inspection techniques as well as training in the nutritional and functional properties of healthy food. (…more)
  • Dean:
  • Dr. Kuo-Jui Shen        
    Phone: 70001
    License: Professional Civil Engineering, Professional Geotechnical Engineering, Apartment Building Consulting Seed Teacher, Real Estate Salesperson
    Personal Web link:
    Specialty : Construction Waterproofing, Computer Graphics, Property Management, Soil and Water Conservation, Structures Vibration Measurement and Analysis,

  • Assistant:
Name:Chiu, Yi-Sheng         
Contact:885-3-4515811ext 70000


2.Distinctive Features of our College
  • Each department of our college is certified by the Accreditation Council of Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) which proves that our internships, experiments, and lab sessions reach international standards.
  • Our college is well funded by the Ministry of Education’s Technological and Vocational Education Reform Project, Optomechatronic Integration Technical-talents Training Project, and the Taoyuan Aviation City’s Productivity 4.0 IT-talents Training Project. As a result, students are provided with the best facilities and the latest technical innovations.    
  • A great number of practical labs and Level B Certification Technician Exam rooms are built within our college. Therefore, students will not only be able to put theory into practice, but also to take advantage of the facilities already offered.
  • All senior students at our college will get an off-campus internship, which may lead to a guaranteed job upon graduation.

Organizational Structure