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The Features of course

Degree Required Credits

The curriculum offered in the Department of Airline and Transport Service Management is to strengthen students’ professional knowledge and skills. Through our two tracks, we introduce instructors from international corporations to enhance students’ practical application on airline and transport service skill and management, allowing students to customize academic preparation even further.
1.      Introduce airline and transport service related case studies, seminars, cooperation visiting into course teaching and learning.
2.      Enhance students themselves through a various competitions to arouse their learning.
3.      Offer foreign language courses, including English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and French, as well as tourism and hospitality related courses to strengthen students’ language ability and improve their competitiveness.
4.      Experience workplace culture through project and internship.
5.      From over all the courses students have learnt can build up their capability of doing project, communication skill, solving problem, and working as a team.