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Industry-University Cooperation

Close to Taoyuan Aerotropolis

Our school is the closest university of technology to Taoyuan Aerotropolis where Taiwan’s National Aviation City Project has been carried out. Besides, our Department is the only one at university level in Taoyuan City that has the capacity of aircraft maintenance skill training. 


In 2017, both EGAT and CAL signed the letter of intent for industry-university cooperation agreements with our school.

Other Well-known Domestic Companies

The Department also successively signed industry-university cooperation agreements with well-known domestic companies such as AIDC, AirAsia, Dynasty Aerotech International Corp, and Evergreen Aviation Precision Corporation.

International Cooperations

In order to enhance the international employment competitiveness of our students, the department further signed a letter of intent for cooperation with HAECO Xiamen Technical Training Center. In the future, our graduates may become license holders of CCAR-147 in order to enter the huge mainland Chinese market for aircraft repair and maintenance.