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About Us


Based on aircraft industrial talent requirements and the middle-term and long-term developments of VNU, the Department of Aeronautical and Opto-Mechantronic Engineering was founded in 2015 emphasizing both knowledge-learning and skill-training of image display, optical fiber communication, and Aerospace engineering technologies. In our department, the professional laboratories and research rooms have been built for educating the important technical talents of the Aerospace industries. At present, the enrolling class numbers 1 classes for the daytime university every year. The full-time teachers of our department have 1 associate professor, 3 assistant professors and 2 lecturers now.


We emphasize both practical skill training and technology knowledge learning for enabling the students put into practice what has been learned. We hope to improve the competition ability of the students by practically training in the industry skills.
We actively assist and encourage our students to pass the examinations of the professional licenses, and then the students can successfully get a job or advance to a higher school after graduation by combining the knowledge and practical skill.

Future Prospects

1. The Aviation maintenance technology Graduate School has been established to promote the teaching quality and the fine research environment.
2. Employ more teachers with PhD. degree or senior experienced professional.
3. Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Composite Material, Aircraft Avionics and Machatronics engineering technologies are the major areas of research and instruction.
4. Aeronautical and Opto-Mechantronic Engineering Department will continue to cooperate with industrial companies and to provide service for their requirements.