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Title VNU Tops Private Universities in Nationwide Professional Skills Competitions As a Result of Vast Investments on Training Professionals for Workplace
Date 2022-09-06
As less and less babies are born on the yearly basis, domestic colleges are faced with serious challenges to recruit students. Under the leadership of President Thomas Chuang, VNU has invested NTD $1.4 hundred millions to create favorable labs with cutting edge equipment in the past five years so that students are able to get trained professionally. VNU has been sponsored more than a hundred million NT dollars each year by the MOE for the improvement of faculty members as well as for educational environment, including software and hardware. Over the years, VNU has established about 30 professional labs to better educational qualities. VNU has passed evaluations in both administrative and professional education fields, including all of the departments, and is endorsed by the MOE as an ‘excellent university in teaching and in ethic education’. Champions in professional skills competitions for three consecutive years: VNU intends to promote the policies of student certification and professional skills competition as an educational strategy. There are now 52 national professional skills certification-issuing labs for 34 professional categories. In VNU, the training labs are also used as certificating labs. Students train for their professional certification on the same spots. Ever since 2017, VNU has won 61 medals in the nationwide professional skills competitions. In 2021, VNU won 23 medals, including 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze. In 2022, there has been 16 medals won so far, including 4 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze. In the past three years, the medals VNU has won outnumber those won by any other private colleges in Taiwan, and the total medals also outnumber those of any other colleges nationwide. One thing is worth mentioning here, students who won the prizes were hired by businesses through strategy associations with remarkable payments. They are confidently looking forward to a bright future with a NTD $60,000 monthly paycheck after their graduation. Admission means employment: Full scholarship President Chuang said that VNU was a practical university of quality education and employment assurance. In coordination with the projects offered by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor, VNU makes efforts on the combination of professional education with job training. The Flagship Project of Dual Tracks Training, the Customized Classes for the Cooperation of Business, College and Training Centers, and the Project of Hand-in-Hand between Business and College, for instances, all bring the resources of the governments, the colleges and the businesses together to provide students with professional skills, workplace practice and college education to train them for employability. To sponsor the policy of ‘admission means employment’, businesses also offer full scholarship and other benefits throughout the 4-year schooling program, and they also offer the backup executives project. VNU is located in a hi-tech environment. The professional graduates of VNU, the largest university on the national border, are always favored by the businesses around Taoyuan Aerotropolis.
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