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Title VNU Lions Return to Glory--Champion of "League of Legends" Campus League Comes into Existence
Date 2022-09-06
The LSC "League of Legends" Campus E-sports League has entered its fifth tournament. Each tournament brings together the top e-sports school teams in Taiwan to the games. Vanung University (VNU) in Taoyuan had made it all the way through the three-month Summer Open. In the finals, VNU beat its rival Lee-Ming Institute of Technology 3 to 1 and once again won the LSC championship. The First Bank LSC Campus League is hosted by the Taiwan E-Sports League (TeSL) and the Chinese Taipei E-Sports Association. It is jointly organized by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Garena, and Riot Games. This year, the event entered its 5th year, and has been carried out successfully at the Taiwan Gamers Convention International (Gamers Con 2022) yessterday. In this competition, Vanung University defeated famous E-Sports schools such as Far East University, Hungkuang University, Tongtex Secondary High School, Youth Senior High School, Lichih Senior High School, and Tungnan University. In the finals, VNU and Lee-Ming Institute of Technology were evenly matched and entered into a battle for championship. In the end, VNU defeated Lee-Ming 3 to 1 and won the championship with a prize of 100,000 NT Dollars. This is the second time that VNU won the LSC championship, facilitating the "VNU Lions" E-Sports team to stand on the top of the tournament once again. Mr. Yu-Chiang Hu, coach of the VNU E-Sports team, said that there is no permanent champion in all competitions, and ability is always greater than luck. Now standing at the top, you never ever think about just staying put, but keep improving so as not to be overtaken. After winning the championship in 2019, Vanung University has finally returned to glory this year after two years of bleak period and transformation. Dr. Thomas Chuang, President of Vanung University, also said that, with equipment of both the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and the Department of Information Management, the University administrative departments work with the faculty members of the said two departments to set up professional an e-sports stadium to train for professional e-sports players, coaches, live broadcasters, broadcast directors, event planners and other kinds of talents to promote this emerging industries. President Chuang hopes that VNU e-sports players will continue to shine in the e-sports industry in the future.
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