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Title VNU Men's Basketball Team Wins Championship in 2nd Tier UBA Tournament
Date 2021-10-20
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VNU competed with OCU (Overseas Chinese University) and won 2nd tier championship in UBA tournament. With six 3-pointers booming in the first half, VNU defeated the previously unbeaten OCU 87-54 and won 2nd tier championship in UBA (University Basketball Association) tournament. There are two foreign players on the VUN team, namely Gabby and Jay. Trained more than one year in Taiwan and apparently having gained ground in bounce ability and playing skills, the 195-cm foreign Nigerian leading player Gabby, who used to play in Colorado junior high school games in the US, is familiar with the UBA players’ styles. The local player, Xin-Wei Wang, is also second to none. He made eight 3-point shots throughout the game and scored 32 points, covering 1/3 of the total points, and led the team all the way to championship. The VNU cheer-up team, consisting of President Chuang, the basketball alumni association and faculty members and students, was also there to boom up the spirits. President Chuang said that the advantages of studying in technological universities was that the students were taken care of according to their talents. VUN adopts a mentor coaching system and provides students with best coaches, facilities, scholarship, living allowance and care. VNU has also established a personal-and-collective paralleling elite teaching strategy, providing students with rewards and resources without a ceiling in order to encourage students to get engaged in competitions domestic and abroad. President said he was personally deeply touched by the players' great efforts.
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