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Title VNU's Creative Fashion & Styling Competition Presents Bizarrerie and Beauty
Date 2021-03-02
Link http://The Asia Cup Creat...201125004087-260421?chdtv
The Asia Cup Creative Fashion & Styling Competition 2020 was hosted by the Fashion & Styling Design Dept. of VNU on Nov. 25, 2020. There were 755 contestants from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Some local contestants integrated Taoyuan cultures with their designs. The Competition CEO Ming-Hui Lin said that the contest fostered the skills of beauty, hairdressing, dress, and style to shorten the distance between theories and practices. Ming-Hui Lin, who also acts as the director of the Center for International Talents Training, VNU, said that a certain company had offered a professional academy-industry bridging training course to the Celebrity Cosmetic Prize winners for free. The artwork of the student Li Yun Liang presents the coral bleaching pattern with blue-white ornate styling to call for the attention of marine ecology and conservation. She said that it was a challenge to present the image of corals in fashion. ‘It took a lot of time to look for proper materials for this’, she said, ‘and we finally found that the elastic net could work well.’ Dr. Thomas Chung, President of VNU, said that there were two teachers and six students in VNU who have been awarded the Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award. The Center has invited professionals from industries to join the trainees for training design and career planning so that the trainees could make all-out efforts for the national competitions without worries and try to make themselves outstanding specialists in their future careers.
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