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Title Spreading love with toy donation fears no epidemic
Date 2020-10-29
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Spreading love with toys fears no epidemic. Considering the world plagued by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Taiwan Toy Library Association (TTLA) started the campaign ” Collect used toys, Send love to Africa (Eswatini), combined with colorful African images done by Vanung’s Department of design faculty and students. The eye-catching containers became a location for photography and check-in the minute they were presented. “The African image presents the spacious African prairie and special wildlife, aiming to convey the liveliness of African lives,” said Professor Liu Sheng-xiong and Lu Jian-guang of VNU Department of Design. It was hoped that this charity campaign will make both countries’ children cherish the land and all the species via colorful paintings besides promoting people diplomacy and supplying needed goods. Ye Guo-fang, chairman of TTLA, stated that Kindom of Eswatini located in the south of Africa, next to Republic of South Africa and Mozambique, is one of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies. Severely plagued by the COVID-19 epidemic this year, the association continued the charity campaign, sending love to Eswatini by collecting anti-epidemic masks, cloth sanitary napkins, used cell phones, cookies, instant noodles and so forth.
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