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Title Used Sanitary Napkins Become Smaller, VNU Student Wins Gold Medal
Date 2020-07-16
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Shi-han Wu, a graduate student studying in the Department of Cosmetic Science, Vanung University (VNU), participated in 2020 Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEX). Her gold medal winning work in this event, “One Kind of Sanitary Napkin” elaborates on reducing the burden placed on the environment and the cleaners, has also won the “Special Award” from Hong Kong. Her innovative ideas and skills in research and development have received international recognition. “Let’s keep the restroom clean together” is the idea Wu wants to spread. As a make-up artist, she’d like to make the restroom cleaner; therefore, she developed the idea to design the sanitary pads with tear-proof inner layer. Once used, the sanitary napkins could be wrapped with the layer to minimize the size, which also controls the menstrual overflow. Wu hopes to enhance the effectiveness of cleaning and to decrease the space in trash cans. Prof. Guo-hua Yan from the Department of Cosmetic Science, VNU, said the IPITEX competition hosted by Bangkok, was an annual event. There are 21 countries participating in the competition, including Thailand, India, Canada, Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. With more than 1000 pieces of works in competition this year, IPITEX is one of the biggest events to promote innovative merchandise. Li-hui Lin, Chair of the Department of Cosmetic Science and Dean of the College of Design, stated that Wu’s outstanding performance can be attributed to her persistent efforts and solid training she had received from Vanung University.
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