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Title Makeup Expert Romana Lai Encourages VNU Students to Chase their Dreams
Date 2020-07-16
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Makeup Expert Romana Lai founded Romana Makeup New York in 2013. Her artworks were published in many professional fashion magazines, even in the four top vogues magazines. She has served as the director of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for four years. Behind the bright and glamorous stages, NYFW director went through greater efforts and failures. When she blankly arrived New York, she almost did not speak any English. She took three jobs in daytime and English language courses in the evening to fight for survival. With incomparable endeavor and perseverance, she took 1000hr of cosmetology courses to enable herself to earn both the aesthetical and the teaching licenses. Chairwoman Chun-En Tsai of the Fashion Styling and Design Department, VNU, said that with the experiences-sharing of Romana Lai students learned diversified industrial developments and the blueprints of their own goals. We are training students with rich diversified courses and apprenticeship coaching in fulfilling the pedagogies of self-heuristic and collaborative learning.
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