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Title VNU Holds Cultural Day for Foreign Students from Southeastern Asia
Date 2020-07-16
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In order to fulfil the goal of counselling services for international students on campus, Vanung University (VNU) held “Vietnamese Culture Day” for the Industry-Academia Collaboration-Based students of the New South-bound International Program, introducing Vietnamese culture, food and scenic sights. The faculty members also initiated “Draft for Secondhand Winter Clothing” on campus for foreign students studying in Taiwan, assisting them with great care and warmth. To be in coordination with government policies, designated staffs from VNU have been visiting Vietnam and Indonesia to deliver recruitment speeches step by step. It has been two consecutive years for VNU to have classes based on the said program, which include a sophomore class in the Department of Tourism and Leisure Management and a freshman class in the Department of Hotel Management. There are more than 60 students from Indonesia and Vietnam studying at Vanung University. Chinese courses are offered to help foreign students conquer language barriers, too. After half to one year of learning, the students’ Chinese language proficiency has generally improved, as reflecting in their academic performances. Furthermore, the program’s advisors have been helping students adjust to life in Taiwan with great care. Rui-xiang Lu, the sophomore advisor from the Department of Tourism and Leisure, mentioned that there are 30 students in her class, with 60% of Vietnamese students. Through “Vietnamese Cultural Day”, students introduced their culture, food, and scenic sights to the participants. In food, particularly, they presented delicacies for people to enjoy, such as Vietnamese pho soup, spring rolls, rice vermicelli, French bread, and so forth, which also help ease their nostalgia.
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