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Title VNU Initiates In-flight Internship Program to Help Broaden Career Perspectives for Students
Date 2019-03-07
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Against the tide of fewer-children tendency in Taiwan, Vanung University has spent 660 million NTD to build a five-star student dormitory. Moreover, VNU also strongly promotes the in-flight internship, which is the first time ever among technological universities. President Thomas Chuang has been putting much efforts in work ethics education in the hope that students can fit in their future career immediately. As a result, not only the number of student admission tops all of the private technological universities in northern Taiwan, VNU graduates are also deeply favored by their employers.

President Chuang proposes that private universities in Taiwan should learn from the strategies developed by applied universities in USA so that they could gear themselves with the relevant industries and keep their abilities and facilities up to date. At present, there is a serious professional labor shortage domestically. However, VNU is located at a good spot, in the neighborhood of “Three Rails and One Airport”, the Taiwan Railways, the High-Speed Rail, the Airport MRT, and the Taoyuan International Airport. In addition, VNU further enhances students’ competence through elite education.

The five-star student dormitory, on which VNU invested 660 million NTD, has been completed in 2018 and has 290 suites, accommodating 1116 students. Against the fewer-children tendency in Taiwan, VNU hopes to offer the best hardware and software to gain recognition from both students and their parents.

President Chuang said, “VNU is the only university that cooperates with both China Airlines and EVA Air to sign business-university cooperation plans. Consequently, students from the Department of Airline and Transport Service Management will obtain the opportunities of internship in an airline, and even the in-flight internship, which will help the students get the first-hand training experience on an airplane and in turn enhance their career perspective after graduation. As another example about helping students get better future career, the Department of Aeronautical and Opto-Mechatronic Engineering in VNU also purchased Boeing 737 airplane related facilities to provide students with maintenance teaching materials to practice on. VNU is also the only technological university in Taiwan that owns a Boeing 737 airplane maintenance hangar.”

Miss Ching-in Chang, a student in the Department of Airline and Transport Service Management, was the first exchange student going to the Frostburg State University in Maryland, USA. She said she herself could have attended a national university through the process called Screening and Recommendation, but she chose to study in VNU because of the diversified curricula in the Department. More importantly, she also appreciates that VNU hires many a professor who used to be working as a cabin service director in an airline before. These professors help the students to further broaden their international career perspectives.

President Chuang also emphasizes that VNU pays much attention on holistic education which helps to cultivate the students’sense of work ethics, which is deeply welcomed by both the students’ parents and their potential employers as well. In addition, the tutoring mode of both the Double Homeroom Teachers and the Mentoring System greatly help students to further enhance their expertise for future career.
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