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Title It Is Not That Easy to Be Simple: Creator of Ramen Eggs Teaches Cooking Skills in Taiwan
Date 2019-03-06
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It Is Not That Easy to Be Simple: Creator of Ramen Eggs Teaches Cooking Skills in Taiwan


Kenji Chiba, the Japanese chef, was invited by Vanung University (VNU) to present his exquisite cooking skills in front of the students of the Department of Food and Beverage.

He taught students the special cooking skills, reminding them to “understand and respect the ingredients” in search of the most appropriate ways to process food.

千葉憲二是日本糖心蛋拉麵發明創始者,大半輩子都在專研日本料理,他的店榮獲2018年法國「La Liste」全球前1000家最佳餐廳;40歲時投入拉麵界,於短短時間內榮獲拉麵協會理事長之殊榮(已卸任)。

Chef Chiba was the creator of Ramen Eggs (soft-boiled eggs), and has been studying the Japanese cuisine most of his life. His restaurant was recognized as the world’s top 1,000 restaurants by the French La Liste in 2018.

At the age of 40, he turned to ramen industry, and became chairman of Nippon Ramen Association within a short period of time, though now resigned.

現於日本銀座餐廳(まかないきいち GINZA(makanai kiichi))更是當地超人氣預約名店,讓不少饕客甘願排隊等候,也要一嚐高級日料的豐盛饗宴。

Makanai-Kiichi Ginza is a very popular restaurant people make reservations for. Because of the delicacies it offers, gourmet guests are willing to wait in line for the quality Japanese food.


Chiba himself demonstrated how to use fresh snappers to make sashimi, fish soup, and ramen by making good use of every part of the fish. He pursues the ultimate tastes simply with the control of water and salt while processing different parts of the snapper.


Chef Chiba also crowned the junior students of the Department of Food and Beverage in VNU, those who are going to Japan for internship, with chef’s hats. The crowning ceremony not only symbolizes the passing down of the professional skills but also the spirits of the Japanese chef.


The founder of “Tokyo Must-eat Tendon”, President Kaneko, was also invited to present flowers to show the appreciation and pay respect to him.

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