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Title VNU’s Culinary Program for Malaysian Students Kicks off with Full Registration
Date 2018-07-18
VNU’s Food and Beverage Management Department conducted the opening ceremony of the New Southbound university-business cooperation (UBC) program in April 30. With the participating of many well-known restaurant and food business deputies, President Chuang of VNU and Dubuhouse’s president Po-Hsun Wu signed the MOU of university-business cooperation. There are 29 Malaysian youths joining the one-year professional program by way of intern training.

VNU’s first global New Southbound UBC program had started earlier this year, with 33 students recruited from Indonesia and Vietnam to study tourism and leisure management on the campus. Now another New Southbound UBC Program was conducted by F&B Management Department on April 30, 2018. The program requires that students spend the first half of the year studying on campus and go for internship training at businesses during the second half.

The opening ceremony of the New Southbound UBC Program was held by F&B Management Department in April 30. With the participating of 29 Malaysian students, Dubuhouse’s President Wu, HR Manager Chun-Cheng Lin, and AGM of Liang CH Food Co. Yu-Cheng Tseng attending the ceremony, President Chuang said that VNU is a Taoyuan Aerotropolis university and it aims to educate professionals for aviation services, aircraft maintenance, logistics, and flight catering.

President Chuang stressed that the trainers of the UBC program of F&B Management consisted of more than 50 professional experts specializing in Chinese and Western cuisine and baking, and Chinese pastry as well. They have helped students win numerous awards in international and domestic competitions. Recently, China Airline and VNU cooperated in creating Hakka delicacies for the Southeastern Asian routes and have won a lot of applause. The F&B Management Department has built an excellent public reputation. The majority of around 300 New Southbound Malaysian students on the VNU campus have chosen to study in the F&B Management Department. Therefore, the UBC program kicked off with full registration in no time.

‘After learning the solid F&B management background in VNU, students are cordially welcome to obtain practical experiences and to learn field-work standards in Dubuhouse’, said Mr. Wu. ‘Our hospitality and cordiality principles encourage co-workers to share experiences and positive energy with one another.’

A Malaysian student, Wei-Hsiang Tseng, said that the rich courses, perfect facilities, and elaborate curricula VNU provided would certainly help the students better their professional skills and get earn diplomas, certifications and licenses. The students got interviews from the businesses merely three weeks after the students’ arrival in VNU. Thanks to the Chairman of F&B Management Department, Professor Wen-Cheng Liao, for his efforts to make all these beautiful things happen.

Another student from Kuala Selangor, Peggy Tseng, was very grateful to her parents’ supporting her to study in the UBC program. She wants to learn the cutting skills, and she treasures the opportunity to study in VNU.
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