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Title Joint Flag Handover Ceremony of Three Summer Camps to Henan and Gansu: VNU Faculty and Students Earnestly Getting Enrolled in a “Seckilling”Manner
Date 2018-07-12
During this summer vacation, Vanung University participated in the summer camps held by cross-strait sister schools. Two of the camps, both named “A Trip to the Zhongyuan Culture --- the Origin of Chinese Characters”, were hosted by the Education Department of Henan Province. These two camps were to be held in Henan University and in NCWU (North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power), respectively. The third camp called “The Charm of Gansu, Ethnic Life” was hosted by NWNU (Northwest Normal University) in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. In this camp, the participants could both experience the beauty of cultures and take a job or start a business there.
All of the three camps are valued by the students here in VNU and the quota allowed was met in no time.

Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs in VNU held a joint flag handover ceremony for the three summer camps on June 7. One or two teachers were arranged to lead the students in each camp to take care of the students’ safety during the trip. Temperature is usually high during the summer time. Therefore, consuming enough water and wearing thin coats while staying in the air-conditioned rooms are very important to avoid catching cold due to temperature differences.

Furthermore, during the stay, their interaction and exchange with students from local universities there will also be arranged, and cultural visits and historical sites will be arranged as well. All of these activities are valuable, especially in the coming of the age of the global village. In these activities, the young people will communicate through internet, open their minds, and make more friends to extend their social links personal perspectives.

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