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Title A VNU Student from Overseas Winning Three Champions from International Beauty Contest Held in South Korea
Date 2018-01-18
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Mr. Mu-Cheng Ko, an oversea Chinese student and a junior studying in the College of Design at Vanung University in Taoyuan City, participated in the “IBEA International Beauty Contest” held in Seoul of Korea in the end of April and won 3 champions, including Bridal Makeup, Stage Makeup, and Smokey Makeup, among 1000 contestants. Due to demonstrating his delicate skills in stage makeup by perfectly combining cosmetics and styling, together with fashion trend to show creativity using future technology, he therefore won the Award of the Referees, a special honor among all contestants. Through winning the award, he honored both VNU and Taiwan. Mr. Mu-Cheng Ko mentioned that starting from his middle school days, he has been very interested in the cosmetics. In order to learn professional cosmetics styling techniques, he left his home country Malaysia and came to study at Vanung University in Taiwan. His goal is to become a professional stylist. In recent years, he expressed his ambition to participate in international contests. Making use of the time after school, including holidays, he kept on practicing all skills. Then, for the first time he went abroad and defeated all the contestants from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, the U.S., Mongolia, and China. Mr. Mu-Cheng Ko further commented that “current popular cosmetics, which shows natural looks with leveled colors for the served customers, can make their eyes look bright and vivacious”. While encountering the situations that most people don’t know where their own beauties are, he hopes that through different cosmetic skills, each served customer can show her own styles and special characteristics.
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