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Title Together with Southern Cross University in Australia, Vanung University Builds Herself as an Aerotropolis University
Date 2018-01-18
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Vanung University President Zhuang Chang (Middle) and Juna Ferret (Left) the Representative from Southern Cross University signed an agreement for academic collaboration as sister-schools and a memo of understanding for “3+1 Joint Academic System” collaboration. To enhance international aviation collaboration, President Zhuang Chang from Vanung University and Juna Ferrett the representative from Southern Cross University signed agreements for “3+1 Joint Academic System” and for “Trainee Pilot Training Program”. On December 30th, both universities became partner schools and signed a memo of understanding for both “3+1 Joint Academic System” that could offer both “3+1 Double Bachelor Degrees” and “3+1+1 Bachelor + Master Degrees”. “In addition to enhancing bilateral collaboration and communication, this action also implements VNU as an aerotropolis university”, said President Zhuang Chang. ”Located in a convenient place, VNU collaborated closely with Taiwanese Asian Silicon Valley and Aerotroplolis Taoyuan. In the meantime, after studying in VNU for three years and finishing all practice hours and credit-hour requirements, the students from all departments of the College of Tourism, Hospitality and Management can choose to go abroad to Southern Cross University in Australia for one year. After finishing the study of these both parts, they could obtain two bachelor diplomas from both universities.”, President Zhunag Chang also said. Furthermore, he also emphasized that “besides the ‘3+1 Double Bachelor’ Joint Academic System, both universities also plan another ‘3+1+1 Bachelor plus Master’ system. These two Joint Academic Systems not only helps students shorten their time spent in studying in the university, but also helps them explore their learning breadth and depth”. Moreover, Vanung University is also going to talk with SCU teamed with Airways Aviation about “3+1+1 Trainee Pilot Training Program”. That is, besides the “3+1 Double Degree” Joint Academic System, students could attend one more year of flight training courses to obtain commercial aviation license. After both universities have signed the memo about the Joint Academic Systems, the collaborations on aviation services, flight training, and aviation maintenance are becoming even closer.
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