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Title VNU Ranks Top among All Domestic Technological Universities on the Number of International Students
Date 2017-07-03
According to the information provided both by the MOE’s ‘Open Data Platform for School Affairs of Colleges’ and by the magazine “Innovation in Higher Education Bi-Monthly”, Issue 13, in the 104 academic year, the number of international students on the degree-earning programs in VNU is more than 300. Most of these students are from the following countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Japan. The article “The Best Universities Guide” in 2017 CHEERS Magazine also pointed out that VNU recruited most international students among all domestic technological colleges, even exceeded the national ones. In response to the above-said information, VNU President Thomas Chuang emphasized that in recent years VNU did their best to recruit as many international students as possible, starting from 14 students in the 101 academic year, then 122 students in the 102 academic year, followed by 216 students in the 103 academic year, and up to 308 students in the 104 academic year, among them those from the south-east Asia represent the biggest group. In addition, VNU also cooperates with some famous universities in USA, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, and mainland China to provide opportunities for VNU students to study in these countries as exchange students. Following the fast development of the regional integration into the global market, VNU keeps on encouraging the students to witness the development of the whole world during their school years, by fully utilizing the resources provided by VNU to study abroad, to take part in a short-term study program, or to be an exchange student in a sister school abroad. As a result, they can sharpen their language skills, and get acquainted with cultural shocks and embrace cultural diversity. Consequently, they can further broaden their global view and regulate their life plans. President Thomas Chuang also pointed out that VNU is located in the Taoyuan Aerotropolis and also in the central area of ‘Asian-pacific silicon valley.’ The location helps VNU become internationalized in the environment, on the campus, and in all the classes. No matter whether students come from Southeast Asia or from mainland China, together with their Taiwanese schoolmates, they all can enjoy the same studying environment up to the international standard, no matter on the exchange of academic knowledge in the classroom, or on group report and practical training outside the classroom. All of these activities are through seamless convergence among the industries in Taoyuan Aerotropolis. As a result, VNU creates a diverse studying environment and an internationalized campus.
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