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Title Vanung University Deeply Plowing the New Southbound Policy to Cultivate Internationalized Environment on Campus
Date 2017-03-28
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Vanung University of Technology (VNU) put every effort in deeply plowing government’s New Southbound Policy. In recent years, VNU kept on cultivating internationalized environment on campus. As a result, the number of foreign students from South-east Asia countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, keeps on growing every year. Furthermore, magazine Cheers, in its 2017 edition of Guide to the Best Universities, mentioned that the number of foreign students attending VNU has reached 350 in total, continually holding the first place in this aspect among all private technological universities in Taiwan.

On February 17th, 2017, VNU gave her warm welcome to 500 VIPs in a tour group from prominent enterprises in Vietnam. The VIPs also held a sport event for their staff in VNU. In this event, Dr. Wang Chi-chuan, Vice President of VNU, also welcomed Taoyuan City Mayor Jeng Wen-tsan, Legislator Jau Tian-lin, the Department Head of Tourism of Taoyuan City Yang Sheng-ping, the President of the Hotel Orchard Park Lee San-lian, and the General Manager of WelcomeTravel Service Kang Wei-min with a wonderful performance by the VNU Team of Cheer Leaders as the opening show for the sport event.

Dr. Wang Chi-chuan commented that, the colleagues of VNU, lead by President Dr. Juang, from International and Cross-strait Center on campus traveled all the way to south-eastern countries to recruit new students and warmly welcomed the students there to study at VNU in Taiwan and also welcomed friends from these countries to visit Taiwan for touring.

In recent years, MOE Taiwan has been aggressively welcoming foreign students to come to study in Taiwan. According to the statistics, total number of students (either pursuing a diploma or not) studying in Taiwan has reached 110,182 in total. Among them, those from ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Southern Asia, New Zealand and Australia represented 25.91% of total foreign students. As shown in the statistics, total number of foreign students, coming from 70 countries located in five different continents, is now more than one hundred of thousands. Among them, those from Southeast Asian nations represented the biggest group. In order to help foreign students learn Chinese before regular semester started, VNU President Dr. Juang was farsighted to establish the Chinese Teaching Center beforehand.

Several years ago, reported by Global View Monthly Magazine, VNU gained the reputation of being the most internationalized private technological university in Taiwan. Actually, the fruit of VNU’s endeavor in internationalizing campus was the realization of deeply plowing the Government‘s Southbound Policy. Dr. Zhuang stressed that VNU owns the advantage of being the most internationalizing among all private technological universities in Taiwan, and has recruited more than 500 foreign students to attend VNU. This situation really helps create an international atmosphere on campus as in a global village. In addition, VNU provides scholarship to support excellent students to study in sister universities, located either in USA or in Japan, for one year without paying any tuition abroad, with an aim that these students can advance their professional knowledge in all aspects, improve their foreign language proficiency, and broaden their international perspectives.
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