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Title VNU Students Specializing in Food and Beverage Going to Singapore for Practical Training to Broaden Their Perspectives
Date 2017-03-28
Mr. Ho Bo-Shan, a senior student from the Department of Food and Beverage of VNU, was accepted by Swensen’s, a restaurant located at Changi Airport in Singapore, as an intern for one year, starting from July 2016. “Although the work load is heavy, I expect to receive a salary more than 50,000 NT dollars.” he said, “I came here to sharpen culinary skills and to broaden international view so as to benefit my future career.” While Mr. Ho was still a junior, he got to know that there was an opportunity for practical training abroad. He thought the chance was precious to him and therefore he chose to start his career one year earlier before graduation, even though he never had a part-time job before. After he was interviewed with the employer abroad through an on-line interview, he was finally accepted as an intern in the 24-hour American style restaurant located at Changyi Airport in Singapore. Mr. Ho, together with his schoolmates, went to the restaurant to work as interns. They were assigned to different divisions and were expected to work independently with other Singaporean and Malaysian employees. They were expected to learn right from the beginning and to face language barrier as well as cultural shock. In the beginning, he could not communicate effectively with his colleagues. Due to this reason, he missed his family very much and called his family every day. However, he managed to overcome all difficulties and to get used to the environment gradually. Finally, he could devote himself onto work without any troubles. Mr. Ho said that work hours in Singapore were longer than those in Taiwan. However, together with the pay for overtime, he could get a salary more than 50,000 NT dollars. He hopes that experiences from working abroad as an intern for one year could help his future career in the food and beverage industry. Mr. Liao Cheng-wen, the Department Chair of Food and Beverage, said that the demand of human power in the industry of food and beverage in Taiwan was very big. Currently, most students graduated from VNU perform very well in the industry. For example, one of them was hired as and still is an executive chef in Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. As another example, one of them is now working as a teacher in a vocational high school. They are all examples demonstrating that even the graduates from a technical university could shape bright futures for themselves.
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